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This is a concept that I developed early on in my management days at Window Brothers. At a time when I was transitioning from a sole proprietor who was solely responsible for everything that got done, to a manager of the business, someone who is responsible for achieving results through others. The amount that I would get done was dependent on what I achieved through others. When I was deep into this manager role, I gave myself 3 simple steps to follow when something needed to get done.

1. Do it.

Nike said it best. “Just do it”. This first step is for the small simple tasks. Items on your to do list that can be completed in 30 minutes or less. Get it off your brain by getting it done.

2. Delegate it.

This is where you apply the E-myth concepts. We have all heard about delegation. This is for routine tasks. Tasks that have a high level of repetition. Tasks that you can hire someone to do for you, at lower costs than the task that you should be spending more time on.

Example: You hire an administrative assistant for $12/hr, so that you can spend more time selling your product or service which is valued at $100/hr. For every extra hour that you spend selling instead of working on the routine administrative tasks, you theoretically make $88/hr.

You should also delegate tasks that you especially don’t enjoy. Tasks that do not cater to your strengths as a business owner. Business is meant to be fun.

3. Write it down.

This step is for the situations where step one and step two are not available. If it is a simple task that you are not able to delegate. Or if you are just busy and not able to complete the task in the immediate future.

We hope you are able to apply these steps in your business today. Send us a message and let us know your management stories. We would love to hear them. Contact us.

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