Aug 312011

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Do you own a small business? Are you focused on your goals to grow that small business?

If you are a small business owner who is focused on growth you are going to have to evaluate each opportunity that comes your way. You will need to grade them on a scale of A, B, C, or D customers. You will need to evaluate how much time you want to put into this new opportunity based on how valuable they are to your business.

I personally find this to be a difficult process. I am usually so excited about the opportunity that I can sometimes spend a lot of time on prospects that will never convert or are just to small to justify the time I invested to acquire them. Does this sound familiar, do you Continue reading »

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Aug 072011


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Why aren’t you as successful as you want to be? Gratitude.

Yep, sometimes the answer is very simple. Simple but not easy.  I believe that this is one of the main reasons business owners are NOT as successful as they want to be. The simple part is knowing that success comes from opportunities and opportunities come from Gratitude. The hard part is making gratitude an everyday real-life habit and not just a nice idea that we all know is the “right” attitude to have. The reason this is hard is because we are talking about controlling our thoughts and what our mind unconditionally does. Turning Gratitude into an everyday habit is having complete control of your thoughts everyday, no matter what the outside situation is.

Alright. Enough of the deep stuff. The easiest way to explain Gratitude is Continue reading »

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