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“Inspiring others towards happiness brings you happiness”-Anonymous

Happiness seems to be one of those subjects that has always been intriguing to my readers and me. It is that elusive thought or feeling that we have in our mind. Some people define happiness as a place, such as Florida or a nice warm climate fishing village on the Mediterranean sea. We have this perfect thought in our minds that helps us get through the day-to-day. For others, happiness is a specific time in the future. Some people look forward to the day when they no longer have to do X,Y, and Z. Or they look forward to the day when they will be retired.

This concept of retirement is interesting. I define retirement as a state of financial freedom that comes from achieving financial mastery. I think retirement has nothing to do with age or a date somewhere out in the future. Nor does it have anything to do with happiness.

Can retirement equal happiness? Absolutely, my guess is there are a lot of retired people who are very happy. However, I suspect that feeling of happiness came long before retirement. In some respects happiness is just a choice that we make or don’t make everyday. This is a learned skill that for happy people it just becomes a daily habit. Similar to brushing ones teeth. This is a daily choice driven by gratitude. Having a gratitude mind set is what turns the daily choice of happiness into a life long habit.

Careful of the missing tile syndrome.

We all have the missing tile syndrome. What’s the missing tile syndrome? Let’s say that you were on vacation in Europe and you walked into the gorgeous church or historic building. As you looked up you noticed a ceiling that was immaculately decorated with a gorgeous mosaic tile. The tile ceiling is of the greatest detail and with most vibrant colors you have ever seen. Now let’s say that in the middle of this tile ceiling one of the tiles was missing. Now despite how gorgeous this art work is, what is the first thing that you notice when you look up at the ceiling? Yep, that’s right you notice the missing tile.

Easily explained, practicing gratitude is about focusing what we have in life and not on what we don’t have. This is an exercise that we need to practice everyday and is not easy for anyone.

Making the choice to be an entrepreneur is the first step towards choosing happiness in your life.

For a passionate entrepreneur like myself  happiness comes from building businesses. I love to build businesses. I love the challenge, the risk, the reward, the chase, the highs, and the lows. I love learning about building different businesses. I love understanding how to create something out of nothing. How to build something from the ground up and then hire someone more qualified than me to run it. I love providing value, a service, or a product to the community. I love helping others. I love knowing that I am in complete control. That I truly own my successes and my failures. That there is no one in my way.  There is no one who I can blame for situations that make me unhappy.

As a business owner, your happiness is directly related to how many people you help. It’s not that date off in the future when you will be “retired.” Want more happiness? Than start by helping others to find their happiness first. Like the quote above…

“Inspiring others towards happiness brings you happiness”-Anonymous

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