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Case Study: Build a great Service Business like Mike Parker. This is not a testimonial just a great story about a business owner that we can all related to.

The Story: You can’t miss the trucks with “Mike Parker Landscape” emblazoned on their sides. They wind their way through some of southern California’s most idyllic, expensive neighborhoods like Laguna Beach, Newport Beach, and the New Port Coast. Follow them through the hills and you’re likely to wind up parked in front of a home that’s straight out of Architectural Digest, with a knockout lawn, terrace, or xeriscape. That’s the work that’s made Mike Parker the leading name in landscape in this status-obsessed corner of the Southland.

Since 1976, Parker has presided over an empire built on landscape design, construction, and maintenance. With his company now based in central Orange County, the entrepreneur has corralled award-winning architects and landscape designers under the umbrella of Mike Parker Landscape and maintained a powerful brand through consistency and quality. Now he has a staff around 90 and gross revenues of more than $7 million per year.

How it Started: In 1976, Mike Parker Landscape was just one truck, one man, and a dream of making art and making a little money. Sound familiar? The company began as a more or less a landscape-maintenance business, one of hundreds in suburban southern California. But Parker brought a touch of artistry to his work, and that artistry become a leading attribute of his Personal Brand.

“I’d always been interested and involved in various artistic endeavors: ceramics, drawing, and painting” he says. ” My clients recognized that I was doing more than just gardening, and began having me renovate their garden spaces. This allowed me an artistic outlet, and a way to pay the bills.” Parker used his artistic ability to change the perception of his target audience and position himself not as a glorified gardener, but as a Picasso of the hedgerow and paving stone. Today, he specializes exclusively in high-end homes for affluent buyers in OC’s most prestigious areas. “Rich people always have money, ” he says.

X-Factor: Mike Parker Landscape is a very visible company. It has designed some of the most picturesque residential landscapes in the region, landscapes that have been featured in newspaper and magazine articles. He’s stayed on the cutting edge by recruiting the best in the business-scouting for landscape designers and architects who have built their reputations around a particular talent or style. ” This helps keep our product fresh, and has resulted in the networking of talents and projects, ” Parker says.

This is my first of many future case studies. I think that these stories are inspiring to any entrepreneur who is looking to build a better business. Just writing this case study gets me motivated to take my business to the next level.

What can we learn from Mike’s story?

What are you going to do in your business this year so that you to can have a great Service Business like Mike Parker?

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