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In my personal quest to unravel the “happiness equation” I recieved this feedback from a reader of this blog. I had posted an article about happiness on one of my LinkedIn groups. I recieved a few comments and one of comments was:

“In the long run happiness just may stumble upon one who deserves it.”

I will have to admit, that the topic of happiness is one of my favorite to write about. There are so many different opinions and thoughts that people have when discussing this topic. Everyone is interested in finding happiness, but the definition is different for everyone. This naturally creates a different path for everyone, even when we are discussing this topic within a niche group such as Seasonal Business owners. Below you will see articles that explain some of my more recent and controversial view points on the topic of happiness.

Article: 1. The answer to YOUR happiness.

Article: 2 6 tips to create your own destiny in 2013.

In the end, happiness may not be a goal any of us should consider persuing. ¬†Like in the quote above, maybe happiness does “stumble upon those who deserve it.”¬†Stumble upon those who deserve it? What does that mean? It means happiness comes those who EARN IT. No matter what your definition of happiness is, the earning comes before the recieving. Putting in the hard work and dedication in your business and life comes way before the reward. Using your business to create a lifestyle that makes you feel good on the inside and makes you happy, is only the true path to happiness.

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