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We often get distracted as business owners. Focusing on anything from our equipment, to our AP, to our AR, and back to our operations. Putting out fires and solving problems everywhere we go seems more like our role than making money. At the end of the day your head is just spinning from all the “Doing” that occurred in the day.

If you are wondering if after all this; Did I make any money today? Then I would ask you; What is your Daily Break even point? Did you reach it today? Did I exceed it today?

While you are at work your primary responsibility is to make sure you make money. Profit is your purpose. Know your numbers, focus on the task, and make money.

Still not clear on what I mean by “Profit is your Purpose” then read this book it can help you get your time, life, and business back. Remember, the purpose of your business is to provide you with the life that YOU want.


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