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Are you practicing these 4 Steps to find your Ideal Customers?

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Mar 182013

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Feb 252013

Create leverage, create systems, build a business 

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Apr 022012

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Live life with purpose, don’t zombie through your 9-5 existence.


Below you will see a list of the top 5 Reasons to be an Entrepreneur.

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Mar 122012

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Part 1.

Facts and Opinions:

One of the most powerful questions you can ask an “opinionated” person that is driving you crazy is:

Is that a fact or an opinion?

I love this question. It is the clear way for you to tell the person you are talking to that what they are saying is just their opinion. People seem to throw opinions around more and more these days. And often, they are speaking as if what they are saying is a fact, when in FACT it is just their opinion.

Another statement that you can say that is not so polite and a little more blunt is:

Opinions are like A/.>,<holes. Everyone’s got one, and some are bigger than others.

This statement you may find useful in a more personal environment. But it definitely does a good job at getting your point across.



The dictionary defines Beliefs as:

beliefsplural of be·lief (Noun)

  1. An acceptance that a statement is true or that something exists.
  2. Something one accepts as true or real; a firmly held opinion or conviction.

Your belief system is a powerful tool that affects business owners from achieving their goals.  What I am referring to is not a religious, spiritual, or political belief.  It is an internal beliefs that we have developed over the years, that affects the way we lead our Service businesses. The reason that many of us are stuck in a rut or unable to achieve our business goals is because of our belief system.

The number one reason that many business owners are not able to achieve their goals is because their beliefs are getting in the way. Their beliefs are in fact the opposite of their goals.

An example of this would be the business owner whose primary goal is to create passive income from his/her business.  Are you burned out with nowhere to go? Does this sound familiar? Some of the beliefs that might be getting in your way are:

  • the belief that they have to work in the business because they are the owner.
  • the belief that they are the only one that can do the technical part of the job properly.
  • their personal identity is strongly tied to their day-to-day activities within the business.
  • some owners may even feel that they don’t deserve to have a passive income stream(this belief goes deep into their limiting beliefs around money).

If you believe something to be true. then how can it be any different? In the picture above you see a great example of a belief. The baby turtle truly believes that it can eat that strawberry in one bite. For the turtle, this is definitely an unrealistic goal. However, there is no doubt in my mind that the turtle will eventually finish eating the strawberry.  Don’t let your beliefs get in the way of you achieving your goals. Just go for it and eat the strawberry.

In part 2 we will discuss some ways that we can overcome our current belief systems and let all the success come pouring in.

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Feb 222012

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Part 2: Working ON your business not IN your business. – How to become the Entrepreneur you were meant to be.

In Part 1 we defined the 3 Roles/Personalities of a business owner. Below you will see those definitions again, but with some ideas on how to move yourself and your leadership skills up the ladder.

1. The Technician.

The Technician is the doer. With this role your primary responsibilities are the technical part of the business. If you own a plumbing business the technician is the plumber.

How to transition from technician to manager.

  • The first step to managing an employee is to first learn the trade or skill by doing it yourself.
  • Document everything you do into owners manuals and check lists.
  • Develop a recruiting, hiring, and training program that works for your technicians.

2. The Manager.

The Manager lives in the past, the manager craves order. The manager builds a house then lives in it forever. The entrepreneur Continue reading »

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Feb 092012


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When most people think about investing they automatically think about the market. However, they are missing the boat on what investing truly is. Investing is using your hard-earned money(resource) to create more money(resource). Simply putting your money to work. The days of handing your money to a financial advisor and forgetting about it are over. There is definitely a time and place for that type of investing, but it is not the end all be all.

Those of us who are still in our earning years and who have at least a decade left before retirement. We need to start thinking about the big picture of investing. If you are truly interested in earning a higher return on your money. We need to start thinking about getting our hands a little dirty.   If you are interested in making sure you are in a good financial position come retirement, than you may need to get out of your investing comfort zone. This means investing in areas where there is real stability and a real return.

My parents(baby boomers) invested heavily in the market. This was their retirement.  They put it there and forgot about it. That is they forgot about it until they lost it. They did what the majority did and got what the majority got, when the markets started turning south a few years ago.

As a Gen Xer, I feel the millennial and Gen Xer’s will have investing success with a more diversified approach. Now is the time to acquire your assets. Saving is good, but if you feel comfortable putting your money to work, than put it to work. Some of the investing options that I encourage others to get involved with are.

1. Buying businesses.

For those of you that are unhappy with your current job, or have always thought about starting a business. Now is a great time to tap into your entrepreneurial spirit and start a business. Most people think owning a business is risky. As a business owner you have multiple customers or “bosses.” If you lose a customer here or there it may affect your revenue, but it  isn’t going to put you out of business. However, when you have a job and you lose your job you lose your one customer, your boss. Which results in  you losing 100% of your income when the guy upstairs decides so.  As a business owner I feel much more comfortable being in a position that I have full control of my success.

2.Buying real estate.

Buying residential real estate is very similar to buying a business. In fact I view each of my properties as an individual business with revenue and expenses. I then look at my portfolio as a group of businesses working towards the common goal of debt reduction through full occupancy. I love real estate, it is one of the best business models that I know of. The 3 common ways to make money with real estate are 1. Cash Flow, 2. Appreciation, 3. Tax deductible depreciation.

3. Building your current business into passive income money tree.

Whether you choose the first of the second investing option above, number 3 is how you turn your business or your real estate portfolio into a revenue stream for your retirement years. Build your team, build your systems, pay down your debt, or fix up your property. These are the common ways to turn your business into passive income.

I truly believe that these type of investing options are the best ways to reach your personal goals over the next 15 years. I encourage you to get out of your comfort zone, get involved, and take action.

What are you investing in?

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Jan 162012


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2. Owning a business is better than owning a job. Commit to building a better business.

Some of you might say, owning a job , what does that mean? If you haven’t had a vacation in over a year, then you own a job. If you haven’t had a vacation longer than 2 weeks, then you own a job. If, when you go on vacation you have to worry about losing money or about the business falling apart, then you own a job. If you were to die or get injured today, would your business still function? Could it continue to grow without you?

The truth is most of us “business owners” own jobs. We are employees in our own business, because our pride and ego’s are too big to work for someone else. Yes, I include myself in these statements. Ouch, sorry about that. Owning a job is more risky than just having a job. Trust me, I know. I have been there and done that. Why should we take on all the financial responsibility that our businesses demand if we are not able to reap greater financial rewards? I’m not trying to beat you up I am only trying to wake you up.

I specialize in helping Service business owners make the jump from owning a job to owning a business. I mentor business owners and help you implement industry specific systems to create passive income through your business. Build a money tree that just keeps on giving even when you are on vacation, or spending quality time with your family. I bridge the gap between where you are as business owner and where you want to be. I do this by using tested business principles, systems, and the E-myth concepts to show you how to build and manage a profitable business.

Are you interested in “owning” a job or “owning” a business? Do you want more info on How it Works? If so, click here.

If not, that’s fine too. Just promise me that you continue to invest your time working ON your business and not IN your business. Remembering that what you EARN is equal to what you LEARN. What book are you reading now that will help you build a better business? Click here for some great suggestions.

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Jan 072012






The 9-5 grind sucks.

There is nothing more rewarding than being your own boss. The great learning’s that come from your failures and the sweet taste of success when things are going your way. If you are self-employed, at some point in your life you decided to take the road less traveled. Robert Frost said it best ” Two roads diverged in a wood, and I– I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.”

The 9-5 road is the choice of the majority, it is also the choice that usually allows for little creativity, and little hope that you can build a business and the life that you want. When you are stuck in the 9-5 grind you have little control over your career and life.

If you have chosen the road less traveled. If you have chosen the career path of the self-employed, then I urge you to make the most of it. I urge you to build a better business. Build an asset for you, your family, and for your future.

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Dec 132011


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Why Entrepreneur? Reason #5. Passive Income.
Your quest for the Holy Grail in business, Passive Income.

My quest for passive income started when I was about 5 years old. I set up a lemonade stand on the street near my house with my brothers. Obviously I didn’t realize it then, but that was the beginning. I then took the traditional education path of graduate high school, then college for my bachelor degree. However, after 4 months of the corporate world in my first job out of college, I quickly found my path back to the entrepreneurial world of self employment.

Does this sound familiar? If you are one of those individuals that has found his/her Entrepreneur path, then you also have begun your quest for passive income. My definition of a business is a commercial enterprise that works without you. You may refer to it as make money while you sleep, leveraged income, or passive income.  Anyway you slice it, it’s the good stuff.

That’s great if you are happy being a solo Entrepreneur or if you are happy with your 1-3 employee business. However, I know that there is more out there. If you know that you want to get as much out of your business and your life as possible, then welcome. I hope my blog will help you do that.

I focus on helping “SEASONAL” business owners build a better business and create passive income. I help them take their business to the next level. Pursuing passive income by building a better business using proven systems and processes.

Every business owner has different reasons WHY they are interested in building a better business. It may be to generate passive income, to build a sustainable asset, to build an asset that you can pass down from generation to generation, or to build an asset that you can sell to make a quick buck. These are all great reasons to build a better business. There is no right or wrong reason.

I posted this question to my readers a few weeks ago. Below you will see the response from Steve a small business owner.

Coach Jason: Hey group. Why did you decide to become an entrepreneur?

there is a huge difference between a business owner and an entrepreneur.
I truthfully feel that I am an entrepreneur and am thankful for each day that I rise I have to ability to
make a difference in this world not only for me but for the other around me and my clients. i was not
forced into this situation is was fully planned out and well executed and there is no turning back from here..
and if I wasn’t running a window cleaning company I would be in some other form of business.

Steve, that’s Great.

Why are you an Entrepreneur? Please comment below.

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