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The day you find out WHY you are born is different for everybody. The reason WHY you were born maybe to pursue a passion of yours. It maybe for religious reasons, or for philanthropic reasons. It maybe to just live a great life. There maybe multiple reasons WHY you feel you were born. There is no right or wrong answer.

For a passionate entrepreneur like myself one of  the reasons WHY I was born is clear. It is to build businesses. I love building businesses. I love the challenge, the risk, the reward, the chase, the highs, and the lows. I love learning about building different businesses. I love understanding how to create something out of nothing. How to build something from the ground up and then hire someone more qualified than me to run it. I love providing value, a service, or a product to the community. I love helping others. I love knowing that I am in complete control. That I truly own my successes and my failures. That there is no one in my way.  There is no one who I can blame for situations that make me unhappy.

The reason WHY I was born was to create happiness. Creating happiness by building businesses, and becoming the Entrepreneur that I was born to be. As a business owner, your success is directly related to how many people you help. Want more success? Than help more people.

How about you? Do you feel the reason you were born has anything to do with being an Entrepreneur?


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  1. What is the source of this quote? Do you have a date or another way to verify that Mark Twain actually said this?

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