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“Education not Motivation”- If you motivate an idiot they just do stupid stuff faster.


What do others say about Service Coach, Business Coaching for Service Professionals?


Michael Madson – Painter
hired Jason as a Business Coach in 2010

“In my experience, Jason Vance is a business coach who offers straight-forward coaching solutions with an emphasis on discipline. He has a firm grasp on service businesses (and likely more than that), and helped me greatly with mine. By his pushing of key fundamentals, being able to answer questions where I lacked understanding, and helping me fine tune cash flow analysis and forecasting, debt repayment plans, and some strategic moves for keeping the staff that I wanted, I was able to take my business to a new level this year. Those results have added a lot to my bottom line, and made my quality of life much better.” November 2, 2010



Laura Schmitz

Laura Schmitz 
hired Jason as a Business Coach in 2010.

“Jason has extensive experience owning and running a successful small business. He has a keen grasp of critical elements to move a business forward and enjoys sharing this knowledge with other small business owners, particularly focusing on the service industry. He is an ad-hoc counselor for the SBDC and is currently a facilitator/coach for our Entrepreneur Training Program. I would highly recommend Jason for any small business owner who needs a mentor/coach.” October 6, 2010


One on One Coaching

I offer one-on-one business mentoring/coaching for business owners and service professionals who are great at the technical part of what they do. We bridge the gap between where you are as business owner and where you want to be. We do this by using tested business principles, systems, and the E-myth concepts to show you how to build and manage a profitable business.  I have a great time helping these talented professionals learn to make a lot more money, get highly organized, and in the process, become successful entrepreneurs.

Your Service Business is unique. So is your leadership style. So:

  • First, we start out by outlining your expectations and goals.
  • Next, we work together to create a road map to accomplishing those goals.
  • Then we work together to accomplish those goals. Each week we deal with challenges as they come up, real-time. And we create strategies for each new goal that needs to be accomplished.

One – session per month

$400 per month

-Includes One 40 minute phone session and unlimited emails.


Two – sessions per month

$750 per month

-Includes Two 40 minute phone sessions, and unlimited emails.


Four -sessions per month

$950 per month

-Includes Four 40 minute phone sessions, unlimited e-mails, and review of business plans, strategies, and other industry specific materials.

We only accept a handful of committed business owners into our program. Business owners who are ready to take their business to the next level by building a business that works without them.  Download program application here.   ServiceCoach Application



I’m a professional speaker

I have a passion for talking about building businesses and what it takes to operate a business on a human level in today’s economy.  My talks are upbeat, humorous and adaptable to any venue or audience.

I keynote at events, teach breakout sessions and speak to audiences both large and small.  My excitement for business and helping people shows through and I always leave my audiences with simple ideas they can immediately use.  I’m all about action.

Email me if you’d like me to speak.

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